आधयात्मिक मूल्यों के लिए समर्पित सामाजिक सरोकारों की साहित्यिक पत्रिका.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who is Rudra?

Parma Bhagawat Divya Rudra is a divine personality whose dynamic philosophy endeares Him to masses wherever he goes. The good news is that he seldom stays at one place thus his mobility is a boon for the people belonging to different places where he goes to bless them with his divine presence and preachings.
His mobility is something visible to ones physical eyes but the equipoise and stillness within Him are seen only by His observant disciples who see Him with the eyes of ‘love’ or ‘gyan’.
He took his bodily form on 19th May 1958 at the Holy land of Braj in India. He took birth to continue His spiritual journey and to spread ight and peace. This became evident during His childhood only. When He was just six He came in touch with a saint to whom He used to go to offer his service. That saint used to say,”Bako bai mai hi mil jaego” (Everything has come out of Infinity and will return to Infinity). These mysterious words set Him on a quest for the Truth. That saint also made Him vow never to marry and never to enter a job. One day that holy saint left Him and Maharaj ji could never see him again but He always kept His vows. He has always been a thoughtful person having a keen insight into the innermost chambers not only of His divine self but also of the people around Him. This is what makes Shri Rudra, an Ahwan Akhara saint, a true Guru for a worthy seeker.
It is literally impossible to limit his teachings in words but He himself has termed that all that he says is aimed at teaching His humble disciples to learn the ‘Art of Dying’. Now, it may seem curious to some but here is a subtle message in it- if you remember that you have to die one day, you will know how petty the world and the worldly wealth are and this will certainly reap within you the divine fruit of vairagya, giving you peace of heart and mind and eventually letting you die in perfect peace remembering Him alone and attaining salvation.
This is just one gem of wisdom that comes from Him and He keeps showering so many everyday in His spiritual discourses, which appeal not only to heart but also to mind and intellect of the listeners, whom he lovingly calls ‘Shravaks’. We can only pray to the Holy Lord that His divine messages may benefit one and all. May all be influenced by the divine teachings of Guru and remain in the secure sphere of His pure thoughts forever………..

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